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How You Got Here and What to Do About It

This booklet answers life’s big questions. LIFE IN TIME-SPACE describes the underlying reality of our lives on Earth. It was written for everyone - the serious seeker, the casually curious, the religious, and the atheist. It is filled with profound truths not found elsewhere. At nearly 9,000 words, it is dense with information that could enrich our lives immeasurably. Every page contains something important. Who are we? Why are we here? Where are we going? LIFE IN TIME-SPACE offers clear, unconventional answers to these and other questions.

Read the Booklet:

  • Free Book Download: The booklet is available as a free electronic download: (Notice the revision date on the cover.)
  • Buy a Paperback: Paperback booklets are available for purchase on Amazon, eBay, and Etsy for $3.00 each (free shipping) by using the links below or by visiting one of those websites and typing "Life In Time-Space" in their search window (on Amazon you will need to also type "How You Got Here and What to Do About It"). The booklets have 60 pages and are staple-bound. They are 5.5 inches by 4.25 inches.

If you would prefer to purchase a paperback directly through this website, please email an inquiry to [email protected] or use the Contact link at the top of this page. Comments welcome.

Please tell us where you first heard about LIFE IN TIME-SPACE. Thank you very much.

Comments From Readers:

  • Really enjoyed your booklet and I share your philosophy. You’ve synthesized profound concepts into a really manageable little treatise – good work! I’d love to see these at the checkout stands at every big (and little) box store everywhere. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful little gem of wisdom.

  • A thoughtful, beautifully written philosophical summary on the meaning of being human.

  • I found this book by accident. I highly recommend this to anyone who thinks, this sounds interesting because it is. The thought behind it reaffirms what has been in my mind all along. Thank you.

  • I have re-read the booklet LIFE IN TIME-SPACE and it has somehow re-gripped me in a more meaningful way. I believe these chapters are like road maps that take us to our destinations. You are right on the money. Thank you for enlightening all those who have the privilege to find and read your words of wisdom.

  • So much rad information in such a small package.

  • I just read your beautiful booklet with great heartfelt amplified love, excitement, intuition, and confirmation of much of what I have been learning since 2007 after the deaths of loved ones.

  • Great. Thank you so much for that great perspective!

  • Your booklet is great for me as a gift giver! Where can I send you a donation or the cost of another dozen books? Awesome, thank you so much! I love that little book!!!

  • I liked every aspect of this book and use it for inspiration as well as a guide to understanding and entertaining new ideas. From the first time having read and studied "LIFE IN TIME-SPACE" I realized its importance and find myself re-reading it monthly. Invaluable. Having purchased many copies to pass along and share with friends, the insights and notions offered within its covers have opened portals to delightful discovery and priceless consideration — providing us with endless avenues of discussion. The notions in this book will truly take you to places you have never been before! Whatever you may believe, open your mind and open your heart as you absorb this offering of words. Not only will you be thankful and grateful, but your involvement with the book will dramatically impact how you approach living.

  • Simple and informative book. Ordered at the beginning of my awakening and it was very helpful in better understanding.

  • A neat little booklet which I found, in the words of Spock of the Starship Enterprise, "Quite fascinating."
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